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List of 3 foot wide double line sayings

~ All signs above beginning with "3D" measure 36 inches (3-feet) wide by about 7.25 inches high ~ $32 each

You choose the saying and the color you'd like it in. The letter style will be as shown above. Find the item number of the saying you wish to have made (found to the left of each saying above). Using the drop-down boxes below, click on that specific item number. In the box below that, click on the color you wish for the background to be. Click on the Add To Cart button directly below that and your sign will be added to your shopping cart.
You can verify the item number, saying and color upon checkout.
To find the current average lead time required for sign orders, please go to the main SIGNS page (use link on left of screen).

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified by you at checkout, the default lettering color is Bright White for all Funky, Bright and Primary colors and Off White for all Rustic colors. A Bright White background comes with Funky Pink letters and an Off White background comes with Rustic Brown letters.

3-foot wide sayings starting with
"3D3426 Dicovery is seeing what eveybody else has seen but thinking what nobody else has thought"
Saying item number - on left of each saying above (select from drop-down list):
COLOR of the Sign (select from drop-down list):
4-foot wide Sayings starting with
"4D4426 To those of you who received honors, awards and distinctions..."
We are no longer offering this size sign. However, the same sayings may be available in a 3-foot double size. Please CONTACT US to order these.
COLOR of the Sign (select from drop-down list):